Chef Smith’s Assistant Apologizes Publicly; Admits to Unwitting Participation in Fake Guinness World Record Incident

In a surprising turn of events, assistant to Chef Smith, Leticia Martekie Sankah, has issued a public apology to Ghanaians after revelations surfaced that Chef Smith’s Guinness World Record certificate was fabricated. Earlier last week, Chef Smith proudly announced himself as the record holder for the Longest Cooking Marathon during a press conference in Accra.

Displaying what appeared to be an official Guinness World Records certificate, the chef’s claim garnered widespread attention—only to be later debunked as misleading. Leticia, who actively participated in the cooking marathon alongside Chef Smith, took to Facebook to express her regret and remorse.

In her post, she acknowledged her ignorance of Chef Smith’s deceptive intentions, believing instead that she was contributing to a legitimate attempt at achieving a remarkable culinary milestone and showcasing her own cooking prowess. “I deeply regret my involvement and any unintended harm caused by my association,” Leticia stated in her apology.

She admitted her unwitting role in the incident and assumed full responsibility for her actions. Addressing her family, friends, and the public, Leticia expressed sincere apologies for the disappointment and disillusionment caused by the scandal.

She affirmed her commitment to learning from the experience and pledged to take necessary steps to rectify the situation. “I am grateful for the support of my loved ones during this challenging time,” Leticia added, emphasizing her determination to make amends and uphold integrity in her future endeavors.