The Concerned National Service Scheme Personnel Association of Ghana (CONSPAG) have declared a nationwide strike starting from Wednesday, July 3, 2024, until their allowances are disbursed. In a statement dated July 2, 2024, addressed to all NSS personnel, user agencies, and stakeholders, the association outlined various challenges prompting their decision.

These include the inability to cover accommodation and utility costs, commute to their assigned workplaces, provide for themselves during work hours, and the necessity to seek external financial assistance due to delayed allowance payments.

The Concerned National Service Scheme Personnel Association of Ghana (CONSPAG) have emphasized the adverse health effects arising from their current predicament.

They highlighted that the government owes trainees five months’ allowances and university graduates three months’. The association underscored that NSS regulations stipulate sanctions for personnel absent from their posts for three months, yet they have endured unfavorable conditions without allowances for five and three months respectively.

They condemned this situation as tantamount to slavery, asserting that their workforce is undermined and their service to the nation remains unrecognized. It stressed that National Service Personnel have been integral to the achievements of numerous public and private institutions in the country, and their significant contributions must not be overlooked.

The association appealed to all stakeholders in the public and private sectors, including media organizations, political leaders, and traditional authorities, to support them in advocating for the prompt disbursement of their allowances.