KNUST Enhances Tertiary Program Awareness; Over 700 Students Receive Guidance and Mentorship

In a bid to enhance tertiary program awareness, over 700 students from selected second-cycle schools in the Ashanti region participated in a guidance and mentorship program at the College of Science, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The initiative aims to bridge the knowledge gap and assist prospective university students in making informed academic decisions, thereby reducing the confusion they often face later in their university education.

Fourteen second-cycle schools across the Ashanti region were engaged in an Open Day organized by the College of Science at KNUST. The event revealed that many university students are often enrolled in programs that do not align with their interests, impacting their academic performance.

The Open Day seeks to enlighten prospective science students about university programs that match their interests, helping them make better-informed decisions. Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences, Professor Osei Akoto, emphasized the importance of this initiative.

“We have observed that many students, upon admission, are unaware of the implications of their chosen programs. By the time they understand the relevance, they may be in their third or fourth year, struggling to meet their academic goals.

Early awareness will make it easier for them to appreciate and excel in their courses,” Professor Akoto said. The students toured state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, and academic departments at the College of Science.

The committee chairman, Professor Reuben Yao Tamakloe, highlighted the event’s goal of securing students’ academic futures. “The initial plan was to involve ten schools, but the importance of the event led us to increase this to fourteen.

The idea is to open their eyes to their future and help them make informed decisions now,” he said. Beneficiaries of the Open Day expressed excitement and indicated that the event would influence their academic decisions.

“I’ve learned that science is not only about medicine. We visited the Department of Physics and were introduced to many interesting courses.

Seeing the achievements of KNUST students in this department has inspired me to consider one of these courses,” Yasmin Ibrahim from Ejisuman SHS said.“It was exciting to see the optometry lab.

I find it intriguing,” Takyiwaa from Adu Gyamfi SHS added. Meanwhile, President of the College of Science Student Association, Written-Right Ohene, praised the college leadership for the innovative intervention.

“Seeing the excitement of these students, I am confident in the success of this event. It will be highly beneficial for these students.

I appreciate the efforts of everyone behind this initiative,” he said.