SRC and BezzGlobal Ghana Limited Foster Financial Literacy Among Youth; Experts Emphasize Key Entrepreneurial and Financial Strategies

In a concerted effort to promote financial awareness among the youth, the office of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), in collaboration with BezzGlobal Ghana Limited, organized a summit on June 15, 2024, with the theme; “Raising a Generation of Financially Literate and Future-Ready Individuals” at the CCB auditorium in KNUST. This was a maiden summit of BezzGlobal Ghana Limited which recorded almost 400 participants. This initiative focused on addressing the career and entrepreneurial goals of the upcoming generation.

Chief Executive Officer of BezzGlobal Ghana Limited, Mr. Daniel Asante-Peprah, in his introductory remarks recounted why the need to organize the summit. He referred to the financial sector cleanup that took place in the country years back as one of the reasons why as individuals we need to prepare ourselves financially for the future.

CEO of ACE Ghana, Mrs. Marylin Owusu, who was a speaker at the summit also highlighted the importance of financial literacy. She emphasized that “Ideally, it is best to work for people before you go out into the entrepreneurial world.”

She added that entrepreneurship transcends mere business setup and involves a particular mindset. “If money is your motivation, the likelihood of you succeeding is limited,” she stated, underscoring the intrinsic qualities required for entrepreneurial success.

A financial economist, Dr. Evans Duah, delivered an insightful presentation on wealth creation. He pointed out that, “Value is defined differently by different people, and someone’s definition of value cannot be used in a different context.”
He also stressed the importance of time management, noting, “Time is a valuable asset, and there is no rich man who can turn the clock, so it must be used wisely.”

CEO of PESA Valley, Prince Kusi Mensah, spoke on financial freedom, advocating for a strategic approach to savings and investment.
He emphasized the necessity of both saving and investing, describing investing as the process of saving money to yield more money. “The layout of being financially free is a ladder, and every ladder has two bars that keep the area you step in position, and these two bars in terms of finances represent your health and relationships with other people,” he concluded.

The program finally ended successfully with a panel discussion where attendees engaged the speakers with questions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the topics discussed. The summit instilled vital financial and entrepreneurial knowledge among the participants, paving the way for a financially literate and future-ready generation.