Faculty of Social Sciences Spreads Love and Support to Orphans in Heartwarming Outreach Project

In a heartwarming initiative aimed at making a positive impact, the Faculty of Social Sciences at Boadi-KNUST embarked on a love and support outreach project on February 19, 2024. The project targeted the orphans in our community, specifically those at the King Jesus Charity Home.

Led by faculty executives and students, the outreach project saw an outpouring of generosity, with numerous essential items donated to the orphans. These donations ranged from clothing and school supplies to food items and other essential products.

However, the impact of this initiative goes far beyond material donations. It brought joy and smiles to the faces of countless orphans, instilling in them a sense of hope and reminding them that they are not alone. The overwhelming response from the community reflects the compassion and empathy deeply embedded within our faculty.

By demonstrating kindness and support, the Faculty of Social Sciences not only enriched the lives of these children but also spread a powerful message of compassion and goodwill aligned with our core values. As we celebrate the success of this project, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting one another and uplifting those in need.

Together, we will continue to create a more compassionate and caring world for all. In the spirit of service, we are set to serve Socioso.