Growing Beards is a Symbol of Masculinity, Affirms ‘Beards Gang President’; Highlights Historical Significance

In a recent trend gaining popularity among the youth, growing long beards is more than just a fashion statement; it has become a symbol of masculinity, according to the ‘Beards Gang President, Mr. Richard Nana Adu-Bhonerg.’ Mr. Adu-Bhonerg, who heads the event organizing company 90 Degrees Tribe in Tema, asserts that beards have historically stood as a powerful symbol of manliness.

Expressing the trend’s significance, Mr. Adu-Bhonerg referred to historical examples, mentioning Celtic tribes where the beard was revered, even used in serious oaths. He suggested that if men were to swear by their facial hair today, it might contribute to a more honest and trustworthy world.

In various cultures, including ancient Egypt and India, beards held high esteem, symbolizing dignity, wisdom, strength, and courage. Mr. Adu-Bhonerg noted that today’s men are drawn to beards, connecting with a time when “men were men,” viewing it as a tangible symbol of masculinity that provides comfort in times of stress.

The grooming of beards has evolved, with modern products such as waxes, oils, and balms replacing traditional methods. Mr. Adu-Bhonerg highlighted the significance of grooming practices, emphasizing that maintaining a well-groomed beard is not only a matter of style but also a mark of wise men.

He shared insights into grooming techniques, mentioning the use of naturally black beards, applying oils for maintenance, and the attention garnered from admirers, particularly those appreciative of well-kept beards.

Beard care, according to Mr. Adu-Bhonerg, is associated with wise men who adhere to hygiene practices, preventing impurities like saliva from affecting their beards. He acknowledged that keeping a well-groomed beard could be expensive but is seen as a worthwhile venture.

Mr. Abdul Waajid Bancey, a member of the beard gang, highlighted the use of natural dyes like heena to maintain a black beard, aligning with Islamic traditions. He emphasized the expense involved in proper beard care, including regular salon visits for shampooing.

Beard care goes beyond aesthetics, as some use hair relaxers to soften the beard’s texture, while others apply shea butter for added nourishment. The use of menthol-containing creams, like Robb, is believed to stimulate beard growth by opening hair follicles.

Examining the trend biblically, the GNA found references to beards as significant ornaments for men among the Hebrews and other eastern nations. Biblical perspectives suggest that beards were objects of salutation and were neglected only in times of deep sorrow.

As beard growth continues to trend, more young men are embracing this symbol of masculinity, with considerations extending beyond fashion to cultural, historical, and even biblical dimensions.