Professor Jerry John Kponyo Unveils College of Engineering’s Innovation Center; Paves the Way for a Brighter Future

In a momentous event at the Kumaplay Auditorium on Tuesday, January 23, the esteemed Dean of Quality Assurance and Planning Office and Project Lead of KEEP in KNUST, Professor Jerry John Kponyo, delivered a powerful speech during the launch of the Innovative Center, marking a significant milestone for the institution. Professor Kponyo took the opportunity to underscore the importance of the KNUST Engineering Education Project—an African center of excellence supported by the Ghana government and global partners.

This initiative seeks to empower African universities with resources, fostering educational excellence for and by Africans. The ultimate goal is to reduce dependence on external sources for vital personnel required for development in the global south.

During his address, Professor Kponyo also acknowledged the presence of the Regional Board Chairman of the Environmental and Sanitation Center, Kumasi treck, and the Transport Research and Education Center, Kumasi treck, within the College of Engineering. These centers play a pivotal role in recognizing the crucial role of innovation in transforming African economies and positioning the continent globally.

Highlighting the significance of innovation for the future, he encouraged perseverance and resilience, emphasizing that many successful innovators have experienced multiple failures before achieving success. The program marked a historic milestone for the College of Engineering, representing the realization of a vision initiated years ago under the leadership of former Provost Professor S.I.A Ampadu.

The baton was then passed to the current Provost, who, with the support of others, has transformed this vision into reality. In a groundbreaking development, the team has generously provided funding for the establishment of the College of Engineering’s new Innovation Center.

Led by the newly appointed Provost, this initiative aims to revolutionize the approach to innovation and interpretation within the college. Through the transformation of six key roles, they are committed to making innovation and interpretation central to the college’s mission.

The launch of the Innovation Center signifies a new era of innovation and excellence within the College of Engineering, paving the way for a brighter future and positioning Ghana as a leader in engineering education and innovation.

This groundbreaking initiative is poised to contribute significantly to the advancement of the College and the nation as a whole.