Power Outage is a Strategy Politicians Use During Election

A producer at Focus FM, a KNUST based radio station, Frankies Elyon Afriyie has said that power outages, popularly known as dumsor, are a cunning tactic employed by politicians to influence voters during election season. According to him, the nation experienced power shortages during the 2015/2016 which also happened to be an election year and this pattern is continuing this year.

He made this known on Friday evening during a discussion on Focus FM’s Teknokrat show with Audrey Sika Dzifa. “During 2015, we experienced ‘dumsor’ but after the election in 2016, the power was stable.

Now we are in election year again and we are going through the same thing so I think it is a strategy they are using to bring the opposition party to power.” “I think those working at the electricity company are NDC members using power blackout to bring their party into power,” he explained.

Throughout the year 2015/16, there were a lot of blackout in the country which terribly affected businesses and individuals as well. An article published by Aljazeera on Ghana’s power outages stated that the country experienced blackout for 159 days within the year 2015 which happened under the term of National Democratic Congress (NDC).


History is about to repeat itself again when within these few months there have been frequent power outages in the country.