Cedi to record single-digit depreciation against dollar in 2024 – EIU

The Ghana cedi could record a single-digit depreciation against the US dollar in 2024, The Economist Intelligence Unit has disclosed in its 2024 Africa Outlook Report.

According to the UK-based firm, the cedi will benefit from the International Monetray Fund Programme.

It stated that only five African countries (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola, and Zimbabwe) will experience double-digit depreciation of their currencies in 2024.

“The Central and West African countries that make up the CFA franc zone will experience currency appreciation in 2024. The currencies of most other African countries will depreciate next year, with five experiencing double-digit depreciation: Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola and Zimbabwe”.

“We forecast currency depreciation against the US dollar across much of Africa in 2024, although adjustments are expected to be less severe than those recorded in 2023”, it added.

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